Gallery : New 2017 Honda CRF450R

Fifteen years after the first hit named CRF450R, Honda once again confirmed to bring the legend back to the motocross game.

Even though the first generation of CRF450R was a huge success not only on the showroom floor but also in competition around the world, the Japanese brand decided to completely revamp the big CRF from top to bottom. The first noticeable change would be the Dunlop’s Geomax MX-3S tires, also known as the descendant of 2013 MX World Championship race-winning tires. With the presence of the all-new Unicam engine and significant changes to cylinder head include the use of a finger rocker arm for increased valve lift, and oval-coil cross-section valve springs, the bike had lower engine height, more compact mill and lower center of gravity.

Honda also makes great efforts on reducing the bike’s weight by giving bikers various electric options with $650 optional kit (sans battery). The owner can choose which battery they would like to use. So, it’s your job to go for an ultra-light lithium-ion unit.

Another cool feature on the R is the use of an all-new titanium fuel tank. Not only is the tank slightly lighter while carrying the same 1.6 gallons of fuel, but it’s also now lower in the frame for an improved center of gravity. Moreover, the bodywork is renovated with red and white colored decals, which gave CRF450R a new look of classic and contemporary vibes.

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