Day 1 – 1MWER Journey Around the World Begins

1MWER Team Round The World Endurance Ride
1MWER Team Round The World Endurance Ride

1MWER – Day 1

DAY 1 (15/06/13)- SATURDAY 

Average Temp: 32 C
Average Speed: 110 km/h

Day 1 started off at 9.45am with a flag off from Tan Sri Sabaruddin Chik but unfortunately Dato Zamri’s motorcycle encountered some tyre issues and had to get some help from Wunderlich. Ariffin decided to accompany Dato Zamri and made sure everything was decently settled. 

Despite the slight delay, the journey went on smoothly as we expected. Around 12 noon, we stopped at the R&R (Rest and Recreation centre) in Tapah to refill gas and continued on our journey. The team took a break at around 2pm to have lunch at Restoran Pelita Guru, which was sponsored by Fauzi.

After a good meal, we managed to ride for another few hours and reached the Bukit Kayu Hitam border by roughly 6pm. We were sent off the border by YB Dato’ Ahmad Basha. 

All of us had dinner together at a Malay-Thai restaurant in Hatyai at 8pm and settled at the Aloha Hatyai Hotel by 10.30pm. We then ended the first day by gathering for a TTS (Teh Tarik Session) in front of Le Garden Hotel.

A wonderful journey awaits for us tomorrow

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