BMW e-Boxer : Progressive Design in Progress

BMW Motorrad e-Boxer
BMW Motorrad e-Boxer

BMW e-Boxer Design Concept Progressing the Advancement of Electric Motorcycles

BMW Motorrad is a true leader in its field with motorcycle and scooter models that meet every rider’s tastes. The e-Boxer design concept is being developed to farther grow BMW Motorrad’s model range where electric motorcycle technology will soon be available on motorcycles, just as it is available on BMW Motorrad scooters.

The e-Boxer isn’t carrying over the boxer name because it has opposing pistons, but it is because this prototype has two electric motors powering the rear wheel via a conventional BMW drive shaft. The way the 2 motors are positioned in the frame makes them protrude from the sides of the bottom which gives them the resemblance of a classic BMW Motorrad boxer engine.

The use of 2 electric motors on the e-boxer is seen to be revolutionary because the 2 motors allow the motors to be placed much lower to improve the center of gravity. In addition to that, the use of 2 smaller motors is more energy efficient because on low power need only one motor can be used.

More progress is expected to be seen with this revolutionary design concept.

Stay tuned for more!

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