Triumph Thruxton R wins at Glemseck 101 2016

Triumph Thruxton R

At the festival Glemseck 101  were presented two very special preparations based on popular Triumph Thruxton R.   Every year the village Leonberg in Germany organizes Glemseck 101, an event dedicated to showing schoolmaster world some of the best preparations in the motorcycling world.

One of the main highlights of the event, is the Essenza Sprint, an acceleration race on a straight of 200 meters every year crown a new winner. This year the man’s name faster will certainly be known to the fans speed as it is nothing less than Carl Fogarty, tetra champion SBK world and current ambassador of Triumph.

But more than the man, was the motorbike that Carl Fogarty has used to win all the rounds of the Essenza Sprint that caught the attention of the public. Among some of the most original and fast transformations created specifically for this type of evidence, Triumph took Glemseck two Thruxton R equipped with a kit consisting of a volumetric compressor that increases the maximum engine power from 97 to 140 hp.

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