Dutch Flying Man has set a New World Wheelie Record

New World Wheelie Record Set by Egbert van Popta
Dutch Flying Man has set a New World Wheelie Record

Trust me, Ghost Rider is REAL!!! Despite its controversy over riding safety, wheelie or wheel-stand has always been the acrobatic vehicle technique that passionate bikers wish to master. There are a lot of competitions occur only for professional riders to show off their amazing wheelie skills. Only the annual event called “Motorcycle Wheelie World Championship” has achieved the best reputation and is recommended by motorbike lovers.

At “Motorcycle Wheelie World Championship”, contestants need to hold their bike in the wheelie position for one kilometer at the fasted speed as possible. Last year, Gary Rothwell – a British racer – nailed the contest by nudging to the speed 209 mph (337,676 Km/h). Above about 160 mph (257 km/h), the air itself starts to feel like the hand of God, pushing inexorably backwards against you, and it must feel like a truly elemental force above 200 mph. It’s nearly a “mission impossible” to control the motorbike on one wheel without falling down.

While everyone believed that it would take a long time to break Rotwell’s record, at “Motorcycle Wheelie World Championship” this year, Egbert van Popta took the opportunity to have another stab at the high-speed wheelie category. The flying Dutchman has set a new world wheelie record of 213mph (342.8km/h), smashing the previous record by 4mph (6.4km/h). Surprisingly, this is not his best record in the competition. He had stunned the crowd at the 11th annual Motorcycle Wheelie World Championship in Yorkshire last weekend with a run at 214.669mph (345.476km/h) but just dropped the front wheel down between the timing beams for a fail.

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