iMotorbike Exclusive : 1MWER Journey Around the World

5 BMW F800GS Bikes From Malaysia Going Around The World

The 1MWER (1 Malaysia World Endurance Ride) Team rode all the way around the world. Follow their journey on iMotorbike

The 1 Malaysia World Endurance Ride (1MWER) team travelled around the world starting from Malaysia over the duration of a year and a half. Travelling around the world is an experience that not many people get to experience, yet alone travelling around the world with your buddies on motorcycles.

The 1MWER team consisted of :

  • Dato’ Zamri Mohamed : Team Director
  • Rosmadi Saad : Team Coordinator
  • Mohd Ariffin Idris : Rider
  • Dato’ Hj. Mohamed Azhari
  • Mohamed Faizal Sukree
  • Sudhirjan Ahmad Kunjoo : Team Photographer / Videographer

A tough and rigorous journey around the world needs serious equipment, gear, and support. But most importantly tough motorcycles need to be used for this big task which is why the team decided to pick BMW Motorrad’s F800GS as their bike of choice. Special modifications were made on the respective F800GS’s to farther make them capable to tackle this journey, the highlighted modifications were:

  • Expanded Fuel Tank
  • Engine Skid Plate
  • Upper Crash Bars
  • Engine Crash Bars
  • Auxiliary Lights
  • Power Outlets
  • Light Guards

The 1MWER riders were accompanied by a support vehicle that carried along travel supplies and emergency spare parts to ensure that the team had all what they needed to pull through this rigorous journey that took almost a year and a half to complete.

Make sure you follow the iMotorbike Travel page to see how the 1MWER riders made it around the world on their F800GS motorcycles starting from Malaysia and finishing back there again a little over a year later.

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