Triumph World Speed Record by Guy Martin 274.2mph

The Triumph Rocket Streamliner has become the world’s fastest ever Triumph by achieving a speed of 274.2 mph at the Bonneville Salt Flats on 8 August 2016.

Piloted by TT legend Guy Martin, the streamliner smashed the previous official record that stood at 245.667 mph as well as the unofficial Triumph Record of 264mph, both set by Bob Leppan, in the Gyronaut X-1

Of course, the vehicle used is a motorcycle in only the most generous sense. Yes, it has two wheels, a seat, and a handlebars. But it’s also 25.5 feet long and sheathed in a sleek, carbon-Kevlar that looks like a catfish. Oh, and the two engines produce 1,000 horsepower. If this thing didn’t have the word “motorcycle” on the side, you’d hard to guess.
Manufacturer built the Streamliner to do one thing:  become the fastest motorcycle on the planet

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