Moto Guzzi launching V9 Roamer and V9 Bobber

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Moto Guzzi unleashed two legendary motorbikes

The legends are coming into town with a new release sooner than you think. Moto Guzzi, one of the leading pioneers of Italian motorcycle is introducing their all-new V9 series, the Roamer and the Bobber. Plan to release them in India in the later part of 2016. The initial booking on both the bikes amounted to 5 Lakhs.

The Design
The build of the bikes has a rather vintage Italian cruiser look with upright seating, wide handlebars and a huge fuel tank. Furthermore, the prime part of the bikes is the Moto Guzzi trademark, a transversely mounted 850cc V-twin motor. A shaft driven engine pumps out a power peak of 54bhp and a torque peak of 61 Nm and the transmission managed by a 6 speed gear box.

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