Soon to be presented BMW G 310 R – Produced by TVS

BMW's Answer to Entry Level Motorbikes
BMW G 310 R
The Apache Model Indian manufacturer will begin shipping in November indicating that we can get to know the BMW G 310 RR very soon.

Last year when BMW introduced the G 310 R, the name TVS became part of everyones mindset involved with the Bavarian brand. It is recalled that the G 310 R was the first motorbike to result from the partnership between BMW Motorrad and TVS. The Indian manufacturer is responsible for production of two models developed by Munich brand.

The single cylinder rear inclination and the tubular frame steel part of a platform developed by the two marks will the base G 310 R, and of two prospective templates. TVS will market the models  in Asian markets, while the Bavarian brand will own the models for the European and American market. Apache 310 is an interesting concept based on the G 310 platform but “dressed” with carbon fiber fairings. TVS has now revealed that plans to start marketing this model already in November.

The G 310 R will use the same framework and Apache engine with the final design to fit the BMW.

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